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ORT was created in 1880 in Russia, to teach Jews from the countryside skills that would enable them to find work in the cities. Thereafter, whenever Jews emigrated to a new country, ORT set up shop to empower them with the skills they would need to succeed.

In time, ORT grew into a non-sectarian, global organization empowering individuals of all religions, races and creeds with the skills needed to succeed in the marketplace of the day. Today, ORT has a presence in 55 countries and has helped millions pursue fruitful careers and contribute to society. ORT schools are top-quality, offering science, math and the latest cutting-edge high-tech education to empower individuals with the most important skills required in today’s workforce.

ORT Around the World

ORT Around The World

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ORT in Michigan

Through parent organizations like ORT America and World ORT, much-needed funds are raised to allow these programs to continue free-of-charge to many students. Locally, ORT America Michigan Region raises money to fund programs like the David B. Hermelin ORT Resource Center.

ORT schools, including the David B. Hermelin ORT Resource Center, offer some of the most cutting-edge, innovative technology classes in the world. At Hermelin ORT, under-employed and unemployed Michigan residents build computer, Internet and job-search skills through a variety of classes, most of which are made available free-of-charge thanks to fundraising efforts by ORT America and generous private donations.

Hermelin ORT is governed by an Advisory Committee to promote and advocate for its programs as well as a Business Advisory Group of prominent local leaders who provide business expertise to the Center staff and students in the BJO program.

Globally, ORT co-operates with industry and is supported by an international membership of more than a quarter of a million people. ORT has consultative status for information and education purposes with UNESCO, and observer status at the ILO (International Labor Organization).

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