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2013 Camp Hermelin Video

Video is courtesy of Tone-E Films


Tug-of-War, s’mores, arts and crafts, sports and so much more at this year’s CAMP HERMELIN event. Created in 2008 and currently ORT Michigan’s only family fundraiser, Camp Hermelin features family fun activities run by local day and overnight camps and activity-based companies. This year’s participants included Tamakwa, Tamarack Camps, Tanuga, Walden, Willoway, JCC, Summer Impressions, Michigania, Hillel Day School Early Childhood Center Camp, Wooden Acres, Temple Israel Early Childhood Center and Camp Tavor, Joe Cornell, Star Trax Events, Annette & Company Dance Studio, Rad-a-Tattoo, Eskimo Jacks, Coach Genvieve’s Oakland Flag Football League, Coach Larry King of T.I.T.A.L Basketball, the Robot Garage, Gail Kaplan, Entertainment by Design, Eskimo Jacks, and LaFontaine Automotive Company. Event Sponsors include Quicken Loans, Level One Bank, Doodle Home, Town Tub Laundry, Perfect Trading Post, The Goodie Bag, Access Computer Technology, Goldfish Swim School, and TONE-e Films.

In addition to all the fun activities for kids of all ages, there is a raffle with prizes of FREE and DISCOUNTED summer camp tuition donated by each participating camp. Campers and parents are encouraged to wear camp t-shirts to show support for their favorite camp. The event is a great family day and a great way for campers to reunite with their camp friends and camp staff, in addition to supporting an amazing cause. This year’s event attracted over 700 guests and raised $45,000 for ORT. Enjoy this video capturing all the fun attendees had.

Learn How ORT is Changing Lives in Israel

Please view the short video above about World ORT mega project in Kiryat Yam, Israel, made possible in large part by the Shoenbaum Family, as well as our very own D. Dan Kahn. It shows how ORT’s Kadima Mada (Science Journey) initiative has dramatically changed and revolutionized the education system in this town, benefitting over 1,000 children ages 12-18 years old. The D. Dan and Betty Kahn Science Center offers state of the art technology, including smart classrooms and advanced science laboratories. The impact from this project has been tremendous, and this campus now serves as a model for similar ORT projects in other cities across Israel.

Join us! Volunteer. Donate. Get involved.

We continue the 130-year tradition of empowering and educating individuals throughout the world.

There are so many ways to support ORT right here in Michigan. Call our metro Detroit office at (248) 723-8860 or contact our director, Nicole Miller, today.

ORT America Michigan Region, offers four annual major metro Detroit fundraisers:

These programs raise money to support the ORT schools and programs in over 60 countries worldwide. At these events, individuals, couples and families of all ages come together to socialize and to learn about the great and important work ORT has been doing since 1880.

And without the skills a person gains in an ORT school (like our very own hometown ORT program, the David B. Hermelin ORT Resource Center) it is virtually impossible to make it in the world. ORT focuses on helping people become self-sufficient in every aspect of the word.

Innovation is ORT’s response to our changing world. To be the best, ORT requires a constant flow of new ideas.

“Being first in innovation is a constant challenge. You always need to lead the innovation in education. You have competition, you have a lot of organizations that are doing this and always you need to put yourself as the number one in ideas, in efficiency, in things that are causing change,” said Avi Ganon, CEO of World ORT’s Kadima Mada program in Israel.

In order for ORT to maintain its place as the number one innovator in education, we ask for your investment today to ensure new programs for tomorrow.

Investments in ORT’s cutting-edge programs from friends like you keep us going and ensure that we can start 2014 with the backing we need to produce the compelling programs that our 300,000 students rely on daily.

Giving Societies

“The highest degree of charity—above which there is no higher—is he who strengthens the hand of his fellow Jew through helping him obtain work so that he may be independent and not be reliant upon others.”
— Maimonides

ORT America has always counted on the generosity and dedication of its supporters to be able to fulfill its commitments to its students and global programs. We recognize our donors and their contributions, through our many giving societies. For it’s individuals, like them, that who enable ORT to carry out its work yesterday, today and in the years to come.

Recognition Societies

The 1880 Society – For gifts of $100,000 and above (split within a 3-year period)

The Diamond Ladder – A three year annual commitment of $5,000 or more

The Golden Circle – For annual gifts of $1,000 and above

The Guardian Society – For long-term (25 years or more) supporters of ORT

De Gunzbourg Society – For benefactors supporting through charitable gift annuities, trusts, pooled income funds and more.

ORT America has various planned giving options, which can be tailored to your individual needs. Please contact Marla Landis, Senior Director of Major Gifts & Planned Giving to discuss – 818.865.1802 or e-mail mlandis@ortamerica.org or Nicole Miller (ORT Michigan) at nmiller@ortamerica.org.

The ORT school in Milan has been selected as one of 15 schools in Italy to participate in iTEC, an initiative of European Schoolnet, the Brussels-based network of 30 European Ministries of Education. iTEC seeks to shape the future of education in Europe through technology-supported teaching and learning.

Leading this effort in Milan is ORT math teacher Ms. Dany Maknouz, who has implemented a project, “Designing the Future Classroom,” with her class of 15 year-old students. The project uses collaborative video-making, flipped classroom methodology, and EdModo sharing technology to create video math tutorials for younger students. She became the ORT networks’ agent of change thanks to her to her participation in next month’s Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminar for Digital Education in Jewish Education in Rome.

“We were the first school in Italy to have a one-to-one computer lab. It’s a wonderful lab with an interactive whiteboard, places for 20 students and the software and layout we need to ensure a dynamic situation in class. It’s made us famous in the education sector,” Ms. Maknouz said.

When students are equipped with all the resources they need, teachers can teach dynamic and interactive lesson plans that keep everyone engaged and excited.


Multiply that educational power through thousands of donations from generous ORT America contributors across the United States, and the result:


Another school year where students achieve the independence of mind and spirit at the core of an ORT education.

Remember, these are our students and we are incredibly proud of them, so let us pledge to step up and do whatever it takes to make sure that they have the tools they need to achieve success this year, and for years to come.

Nicole Miller, ORT Michigan Region Director & Bubba Urdan, President

Nicole Miller, ORT Michigan Region Director & Bubba Urdan, President

Rabbi Jason Miller, Elissa Miller and Friends at ORT Michigan Rub-A-Dub

Brian & Sabrina Kaufman, Elissa and Rabbi Jason Miller, Kevin and Eden Elbinger, Julie and Brad Feldman






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